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The Granol’therm Range

Modern, classic, contemporary or rustic. Diversity rules, and that is reflected in our line of external wall products.


Granol’therm® Value

Economic and Efficient

Granol’therm Value has had a proven performance record for over 40 years. The system has been tested for years and has withstood all possible trials successfully.

Granol’therm® Impact

High Shock Resistance

Granol’therm Impact incorporates an organic resin based reinforcement mortar which provides maximum resistance to Impact and Shock loads.

Granol’therm® Mineral

High Fire Resistance

Granol’therm Mineral provides maximum protection against fire (Class A) due to the use of fireproof Mineral Insulation panels.

Granol’therm® Brick

Extensive Brick Finishes

Granol’therm Brick combines optimal wall insulation with the charm of brick.

Granol’therm® Traditional

Natural Mineral Finishes

Granol’therm Tradition provides a wide range of mineral plaster finishes with a natural appearance.

Granol’therm® Dash

Traditional Dash Finishes

Granol’therm Traditional Dash provides arange of mineral dry dash finishes with a natural rough appearance.